October 11, 2018

This week we took part in our first ever Zombie Fashion Show ! It was also a Zombie competition. Weird !!

We won the competition ! We have photos below.. with some behind the scenes photos

The event was called "The Pancakes and Booze Art Show". My initial impression was that this was a bizarre event and I didn't quite understand why pancakes were involved or zombies at an art show! I was reluctant to go but Charles talked me into it. I checked out some videos and figured - when in NYC, go weird or go home! So we joined several other make-up artists in competing for best zombie. 

Apparently this is an event that goes all over the place from New York ,Phili, North Carolina, Texas, to Los Angeles and more. It titles itself as the Nation's premier pop-up art show. At the event they feature a variety of paintings from artists ( and..well.. there is also pancakes and booze).

zombie fashion 1.jpg
zombie fashion 2.jpg
These are their event promotional ads

We worked with the beautiful and talented model Cypress Bates for this project.


She works for 247 Ink Magazine and is a published alternative model for pinup shoots, fashion shows, editorials and more.


She has modeled clothing for:  Trapezia, TooFast Clothing, RatBaby Clothing, Timeless Trends Corsets, It Is Known Designs and Poison Batch Clothing.

She was the perfect runway zombie model. I will be working with her again on projects for sure !! 

Her IG is: @Cypressbates

We turned this beautiful woman into the most disgusting runway zombie ever ! 

We all met up at a private studio prior to the event. After my interview with Geek.com. We got down to business on our collaborative runway zombie. My friend and make-up artist Charles Zambrano had a vision and it was our mission to bring it to fruition ! 


Prior to my arrival, Charles started prepping Cypress's hair for the bald cap.


When I arrived I helped him stretch it for cutting. While I did my interview with Geek.com he started to apply one of my unpainted brain prosthetics (available pre painted on janedoefx.com)

He also took some of my other prosthetics and began piecing them together. For some of the spots he cut pieces in half and attached them with pros aide and adhesives. 

In the photo you can also see the rib cage that is half painted. You can also grab it up on my fx sales site - completely painted. 

zombies pancakes 2.jpg
zombie pancakes 1.jpg

After my interview we began piecing the prosthetics from my website onto her body. For some of the pieces we also cut them in half or in pieces.


Doing this allowed us to use pieces with different shapes and textures as well as have a kick ass brain, rib cage and spine pieces. Prosthetic wounds are CRUCIAL to all zombie looks !!

Cypress was starting to look reeeeally freaky !  

We finished applying all the prosthetics and liquid latex adhesive and got a base coat on her body. Charles also added awesome and weird eye lashes to her as well as prosthetic lips he picked up at a shop in manhattan. The lips resembled some sort of botched plastic surgery job. This added a sad plastic look to our runway zombie. 

pancakes 3.jpg

Charles loaded up his equipment.

We hopped in a cab with Cypress and off to event we went ! 

It sure was fun finding a taxi. 

We took a ride down to tribeca. 

Taxi on the Street
pancakes 30.jpg

Cypress looking pretty nasty. Now with all airbrushing done & really cool eye lashes that Charles made. He really did bring the glam to my gore! We made a perfect team :) 

Here is Charles acting goofy while taking a break. At the fashion show, prior to the competition we spent time perfecting the look, airbrushing, and adding hair to the zombie.

Cypress looked siiick and super nasty ! This is prior to the fashion show / competition after we applied the finishing touches / hair. 

pancakes 15.jpg

This is the end result ! Super nasty ! As a favor Cypress held up a product from the brand Mech Sauce as I wanted to send them a cool photo for fun. Turned out to be an awesome photo ! 

pancakes 17.jpg
pancakes 14.jpg
pancakes 24.jpg
pancakes 19.jpg
pancakes 16.jpg

In the end - We won the competition ! 

Another victory for Jane Doe Makeup as I often win contests and my clients almost always win as well :) 

We were able to bring Charles Zambrano's vision to life and made what could be called a beauty pageant zombie or runway zombie ? haha. 

Special thanks to Cypress for being so talented, bringing life to our work, and for being a good sport about wearing all the makeup and removing it after !!! What a great experience and a lot of fun this was !!! 

I also wanted to note that the other zombies at the show were very cool too. Everyone worked super hard and had excellent work. The other artists were very professional and nice. I think together as a whole, we all rocked this event ! Special shout out to MagzFX as I was very impressed with her work. I know she is teaching herself - on her own - how to create awesome fx and great creations. I think thats impressive and noteable and I know she is going to kill it because she did the other night ! Great job MagzFX

pancakes 20.jpg

Our Zombie found some friends that other artists made at the fashion show / competition. Shopping buddies! yay ! 

pancakes 10.jpg
pancakes 9.jpg

Great job Charles ! I'm very impressed ! Super crazy special thanks to Cypress for working with us ! 

We are currently booking for October Events & Halloween.

We have a private studio for October 26,27,28 and 31st located at w.38th between 8th and 9th ave. Charles will be sharing the space and taking on appointments as well. 

Contact us today as we are booking up super fast and have very limited availability !!! 

Earlier in the day I had an interview with Genevieve Scarano a writer from Geek.com who also works for Huffington Post and many other companies. We were doing an interview on myself and a tutorial for the site. 

She came to our make-up prep session prior to us leaving for the show. It was cool because she got to watch us work. 

The collaboration: 

For this project I worked with the very cool make-up artist Charles Zambrano from CharlesZambrano.com for a collaboration on a zombie. We were following his vision of what a runway zombie should look like. It was a last minute sign on for me so I did not have time to make advanced prosthetics for a full body zombie to execute the project with solid pieces. However, we won and got some awesome photos!


Charles decided that it would be a good idea for me to bring my pre painted prosthetics from my JaneDoeFX.com website where I sell prosthetics worldwide to regular people with no experience, beginners, pro makeup artists as well as theatrical productions, TV  / Film, and trauma simulations for emergency response teams. 

behind death note 2
behind death note 4
behind death note 3
behind death note 6
behind death note 1_edited
comic con 3