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My name is Morgan Wells. Jane Doe Makeup is my company.

I am the main artist working solely with clients, handling communications, & coordinating bookings.

For larger events & productions I do have a team of assistants & additional professional artists when necessary. I have spent almost 15 years perfecting my skills in all forms of make-up application, color theory, cosmetic composition, sculpting and airbrushing. What sets me apart from other artists is my professionalism, artistic abilities, and that I offer more services than any other make-up artist in the New York City tristate area. 

"Jane Doe" is a term to describe an unidentified person. I have always considered my portfolio to be extremely diverse, one form of make-up or client is not Jane Doe Makeup's identity.

Many Make-up Artists focus on one type of make-up or one ethnic group. I've always wanted my business to be all inclusive.

I have attended school for hair, but prefer to do make-up and art. I have worked with companies like MAC Cosmetics where I received several certifications. During my time with MAC I helped educate clients and also organize a charity event with performers for the MAC Kid's Helping Kid's Fund ( helping children with HIV / AIDS ). While working with major companies I gained product and cosmetic composition knowledge.


However, I am mainly self taught. I have taught myself to airbrush, free hand airbrush for dramatic make-up, sculpt, make molds, cast, paint, body paint, apply Special Fx make-up and much more. While working in the industry for years I've also created techniques and troubleshooting methods for all forms of make-up.


I have held large group classes in several states & also at a studio I owned in Brooklyn, NY. I have held classes for basic beauty, advanced classes, bridal, basic airbrush, advanced airbrush, photo / tv, fashion, body painting, basic & advanced Special FX Make-up. In my studio I also retailed my own small cosmetic line,professional tools and airbrush equipment. I made the decision to close my Brooklyn studio so that I could relocate to a private larger facility for online sales & FX Studio space. 

I am often known for my work with special fx and body painting. While I've been doing beauty make-up for over 10 years - my fantasy work stands out because most make-up artists have simple portfolios.


I offer more services than any other make-up artist in the NYC tristate area. Most people don't always realize that an artist with FX skills is an artist that is more experienced. As an FX Artist, I understand colors and tones because I need to replicate characters and looks that are realistic, convincing, and accurate. If an artist can make you into a convincing old woman or a character like Predator - they can surely create beautiful looks for events & productions. 

As a Make-up Artist I have worked for private clientele, major corporations, celebrities, photographers, videographers, brides, fashion shows, promotional events, catalogs, costume design companies (enhancing & altering) for products sold in major stores, small theaters, america's #1 haunted attraction, TV networks, underwater photoshoots, & much more. 

I have also sold my Special FX Prosthetics & Custom pieces to every continent in the world - used in films, advertisements, medical & emergency training exercises, theaters and for individual costume use. 

My work has been seen on / experience includes: 

BBC, CMT, E! , L’OREAL, BET, NBC, Fox News, Vidal Sassoon, Work printed in the NY Daily News & NY Post,, Make-up for Heidi Klum events, Howard Stern, NYC Comic Con, Thomas Hayo (Germany's Next Top Model Host ), Cosmopolitan Denmark, Walking Dead Promotions, NYC Halloween Parade, Esquire, MSN, AOL, NYPD, New Gen, Marvel Comics, Lionsgate, Sony, Fanta, Coca Cola, After Dark Film Promos, PETA, Fashion Week, Miss India USA, MAC Cosmetics, Chanel, Bioshock 2 Promos, AMC, Catalogs, Headless Horseman, Darrell Hammond,Independent films, Paper Magic Group (beauty and fx) for costume designs sold & seen in Target- Walmart - Spirit Halloween -Party City & More, Private and large group classes in beauty - fx - body painting, Beauty School demonstrations, MAXIM, Weddings, Bridal, Photoshoots, NYC Performances, Hayden Christensen, PSA's, & more. 

I have worked with all ethnicities - female, male, and children of all ages. I am available for a wide range of services. If you  also believe your project is more challenging, you've found the right Make-up Artist. I specialize in making my clients happy. 

My advice for other artists would be to work hard, take chances, be yourself and test yourself. Regardless of what profession you are in - you should always keep learning ! 

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