Please read before sending your deposit and finalizing your appointment. 

Although wordy, we are just trying to address any concerns. We like to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere fo all. 

By sending the deposit you agree to and have reviewed the following terms / rules / policies and have visited the other sections of this passworded client login site. Violations of the following policies may cause us to ask you to leave. We reserve the right to fairly / reasonably alter any of the following:

  • Arrival: Please arrive only 15 minutes prior to your appointment time unless otherwise directed. Please leave yourself plenty of time to arrive. It is recommended that you leave yourself an extra 30 minutes or more to make it to your appointment. There are restaurants in the area and other shops if you would like to visit them you can view more info in the Studio section. Late arrival may impact the quality of your services or cancel your appointment altogether. 

  • Contacting us :  If you are going to be late - please text us and give us a heads up. However, please know that being late may affect the detail of your make-up work , cause you to wait between appointments or cancel the appointment completely if it is during a busy time of day. Please check your booking sheet OR visit the studio section contact information. I will have an assistant monitoring my texts on the day of. If any contact information changes you will be notified. On the day of please only contact us for absolute emergencies only. 

  • Directions: Please do not call for directions on the day of. I am usually booked solid and am unable to answer the phone sometimes. I don't usually take phone calls during your appointments, so please be considerate to other clients. Please visit the studio section for more travel info. 

  • Drugs, Alcohol, & Real Weapons: Please do not bring them ! We understand that this is a festive occasion and sometimes people will have drinks. However, if you are noticeably intoxicated and it interferes with our work, upsets the studio owners, or other clients - we cannot have that. You will be ejected from the building immediately without make-up application or incomplete make-up application. 

  • Additional People: We understand that you may be traveling with friends and that they may not be receiving make-up services. However, we cannot have large groups hanging around. Please limit your guests to one additional person (if they are not getting makeup done). 

  • Off Limit Areas / Loitering : All clients must remain in the specific studio room we are in unless changing or using the bathroom. We cannot have groups hanging around in hallways or standing around in the building or groups hanging around outside. 

  • Volume: We understand that it is a fun environment and people converse. Please do not shout or play loud music from your phones, etc. 

  • Injuries: We will not be held responsible for an injuries, harm, or allergic reactions that our make-up services or event or studio property may cause to yourself, guests, clothing, etc. We use latex with our prosthetics and eyelash glue, if this is an issue or you have a latex allergy please let us know in advance. In addition, we're very clean - but sometimes there could be traces of latex found in our kits / area. Please let us know about your allergies. 

  • Damage: Should you cause any damage to the building, the studio, equipment, or other - you will be held responsible. Please be responsible and use common sense. Please do not rub make-up on or make a mess in the bathrooms etc. If you are getting body painted please do not use the dressing room after or at least consult us prior. In addition, please stay in your designated area during the session to avoid any damage to the floor outside of the paint area before you are completed and or sealed ! 

  • Possessions: We have never, ever, had an issue with theft but you are responsible for your valuables during your appointment. We cannot store your belongings until the next day. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items (although this has never ever been an issue before). 

  • Food / Beverages: We understand that you may be hungry prior to attending your event. Small snacks are allowed but please do not bring a feast and please clean up after yourself by throwing all garbage away in the designated areas. Please do not leave drinks or food near or on the artist's stations, near equipment, electronics or other client's belongings. Accidents do happen, if you spill something please let us know. Please do not leave garbage or eat outside of our studio room or any other part of the building. 

  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted inside of the building.

  • Pets: While your pet may be super adorable, not everyone agrees and some people have allergies :( . Please do not bring any pets, even if they are props or part of your costume. They are not permitted in our studio room, the lobby or the building etc.

  • Children under 13: We rarely work with children for these specific appointment dates. Your kids may be very well behaved and super great - but we rarely work with children, especially after 2pm - midnight. While this is not a strip club - our clients are mainly adults ! This is an adult atmosphere and we cannot have kids to monitor at the same time. If we take any children on, it will be on a case by case basis and earlier in the day. Please do not bring you children if you are getting make-up services. 

  • Deposits / Cancellations : Jane Doe Makeup requires deposits to finalize your booking.  We take deposits to hold appointment times and for supplies / materials. All deposits are non-refundable once we receive them - regardless of your situation , the weather, traffic, acts of god, cancellations due to covid, city shutdowns or mandates, etc. We try to be fair and we understand things come up sometimes. It may be possible to move your appointment time, or reschedule but that is left to the discretion of your artist.  If for some reason there is some sort of catastrophic event that occurs in or around New York City and you cannot get to us - we may be able to reschedule to another date or partially credit you for the following year. We cannot offer full refunds as our space, products, prep time, production costs etc are high every year.  

  • Covid / Coronavirus cancellations: Unfortunately this has been a big issue in the back of our minds and one reason for why we considered to not do Halloween 2021. We like to have amazing relationships with clients and try to make everyone happy which is why people come back to us and recommend us every year! While we understand that things do happen and we do not want you to come sick - please understand - that by deciding to do Halloween 2021 we have a huge outlay of money up front. We have to book the space far in advance and that is non refundable for us, there are also supply costs (in advance) and also for some clients - prep and materials are involved prior to the day of.  If you do get sick, you can give your appointment to a friend or we can give you a partial credit for the next year. While this isn't ideal for most people, please understand that we are taking on a big financial risk by agreeing to do Halloween 2021. We are not a big corporation and we are not greedy - it's just what we are up against. You have no control over new mandates, restrictions or your own club / venue event cancellations... we also have absolutely no control over this either. So we hope that you can understand this prior to committing to your appointment booking. 

  • Payment on the day of:  We require cash only payments. However, if you would like to pay by credit card you will have to pay in full in advance. We do not take credit card on the day of. There will be a processing fee for full amounts that are paid via credit card. 

  • Altering Services: If we can accommodate this, it is left at the discretion of the artist. Please see the FAQ page for more information.

  • Other Artists: Please do not interrupt other clients / artists during their appointments. 

  • Other Clients: If you have any problems with any of our clients at any point, please let us know as we would like you to be comfortable. 

  • Make-up Removal / Composition Information: please view the FAQ section or address any concerns with your artist. 

  • Location: In the event of an emergency or building issue we reserve the right to move appointments to another location in Manhattan. You will be notified immediately. 

Thank you for reading this and thank you for booking with us. This is the most important section of our client log in and all additional sections are there to be helpful.

After reading this, agreeing and sending your deposit - your appointment has been finalized. We look forward to working with you. Although the above information is wordy, we like everyone to be aware and also know that we like to run an organized, safe, and fun environment for everyone who is attending.

Let's make Halloween 2021 the best year ever !