Special thanks to everyone that stopped to say hello to us at New York Comic Con this week. The promotion was a success and we made a lot of cool new friends and fans! 

If you have any photos or videos to share please send them to Feel free to tag us on instagram @JaneDoeMakeup 

Our featured costume this year was Ryuk - the demon from death note. Lots of love went into this costume as it had many intricate pieces.The wings were created from scratch. The facial prosthetics and hair were sculpted, made into a mold and cast with latex - then airbrushed and applied.

comic con 2.jpg

Morgan ( Jane Doe Makeup ) was in costume all day modeling her work. Charles was an amazing "handler"- the title he gave himself when CNBC asked what role he was playing for comic con LOL!  He helped carry, set up, touch up the costume etc. Charles was able to meet and greet fans. He went above and beyond.

We love charles ! 

behind death note 4
behind death note 1_edited
behind death note 3
comic con 3
behind death note 2
behind death note 6

The promotion was an absolute success! We received an overwhelming amount of compliments and attention. We were also interviewed by major comic con and cosplay press as well as major TV networks! We're also on NY POST website.

We are currently booking for Halloween and the surrounding dates, but please contact us asap as we book up fast and we book up completely !!! 

This is typically the attention that our work gets... so if you would like to turn heads this year and be the center of attention at your event ... you've come to the right place !!!



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