Frequently Asked Questions / Other Information: 

If you do not see your answer or if you have additional questions please contact us

How do I get to the studio? 

Please see the studio section by hitting the back button or by scrolling down to the end of this page.

The address is 525 w. 29th street between 10th and 11th avenue. 

Is there a place where I can change into my costume? 

Yes. There is a private bathroom if you need to change. Although we do recommend changing in advance or arriving a little earlier to change. 

Can I bring a friend? Can I bring a pet? : We have information about this in our Policies section that all clients 

are asked to review. We limit guests who are not receiving make-up to one additional person. Also, the building does not allow pets. 

What is the parking situation?

Please see the "STUDIO" section for nearby parking information. Street parking is not guaranteed. Parking rules also vary depending on the day. On street parking can be a bit challenging in this area due to commercial parking zones designated for commercially licensed vehicles.

Changing your costume / Changing Desired Services: 

If for some reason you need to change your costume completely please let us know. Fantasy airbrush / face painting services are usually not an issue. However, if you are getting prosthetics or being body painted, altering services may not be possible or will be at an additional cost.

(example: you want to be pennywise and we create multiple custom prosthetics in advance and then you decide you would like to change your costume. We may have already done the work / purchased materials - we will need to be compensated for that and requesting to change your costume to a crazy devil or other prosthetics, etc would be at an additional cost). 

ASK. Please do not change things up last minute as we may not be able to accommodate changes.

Who am I working with? 

If you book through Jane Doe you are working with Morgan and her assistant(s). We do have other artists on our team - but they are not employees.

Can I add an additional person? 

Your cousin, husband, mother, brother etc decide they would also like to have make-up services done. If the schedule can accommodate this we will surely try to do so. Please ask us in advance. All appointments are booked in advance prior to the day of. 

I decided to change my costume, I don't need make-up now. Can my friend take my appointment? 

Yes. This is possible as long as their service request is similar to yours. Example: We can usually change designs for fantasy airbrushing on the spot. However, if you were signed on to have a design airbrushed and now your friend would like to do involved prosthetics - we may not be able to fit that into the time of the schedule. There may also be additional costs if they want something more involved. 

Costume Help: 

We like to help out when we can. However, please do not ask your artist to help you change into your costume, unless it is crucial to receive make-up application. Please do not expect our assistants to be able to leave and help either. We would not stop in the middle of your appointment to help someone else put on their costume.

Please understand, we're not cold hearted ! However, in the past we have had people asking for more than just help zipping up the back of their outfit and suddenly my assistant has become a seamstress for a costume that we did not design. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Please review the policy section of this client login by hitting the back button or scroll down this page.

Do you accept credit card? 

All deposits must be made online via paypal or our website. You do not need a paypal account. We can send you a payment request. If you would like, we can also create a password store link for you to pay through our website. Stripe is a processing service that handles store purchases. We do not accept credit cards on the day of.  If you must pay with credit card, we ask that you let us know in advance and pay in full prior to the day of. There will also be a processing fee if you are paying the full amount ( does not apply to deposit payment ).