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It was a pleasure to work with Devil's Tear Jewelry for their launch event. Jane Doe Makeup was hired to create unique avante garde make-up looks on a diverse group of models. The looks were created to match the models individuality and also fit the theme of the event and the jewelry itself. 


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NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- 

In a debut reveling in ecological inspiration, ethically sourced materials, and a passion for social responsibility, Devil's Tear announced the launch of an on-line shop featuring four luxury jewelry collections. The company will also host a New York City Launch Party featuring many of the pieces from their line that can be purchased during the event.

The seductive designs were inspired by the world-wide journey of both of the company's founders who had to develop new skills to further their careers especially after facing the challenges women in the workplace may often face of being undervalued, unsupported and without mentorship. One of the founders, Nataly Glushko who oversees design and creation began the line with a focus on creating a bejeweled accessory that would help women channel their passions and fuel their desire to succeed.

"In addition to providing women and men with an amulet or a talisman they can wear on everyday basis, we see our business as a stepping stone to use our professional experience and knowledge as charitable efforts," shared the company's co-founder and CEO, Natalie Solak. "Devil's Tear will work within the New York City Community, teaching real-life business skills and entrepreneurship to those who need it most. We will be able to help mold their long-term success just as we create our jewelry out of the mold for long-wear."

Devil's Tear features a variety of creatures that have been depicted in protective amulets, talismans or good luck charms since pre-historic times and have been crafted in consultation with Feng Shui masters to achieve the most appropriate and comforting combination of creature and color. One highlight of the collections is the bestselling, stunning dragon bracelets, which were chosen as the symbol of protection, strength and success. Most of the people who wear one of Devil's Tear dragon bracelets refer to them as the amulets that always ensure "…a sense of security, comfort, etc..." This is also reflected in the company's motto:

"I am not what I appear to be...I've been forged by my inner demons and purified by my passions..."

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In addition to original avante garde make-up looks, I had the pleasure of creating of make-up look for the founders. Beauty Make-up for Natalie Solak , Devil's Tear Jewelry Founder. 

Natalie's make-up application included airbrush make-up and a wide range of high end cosmetics. Her make-up needed to look precise for video and press photos. The look needed to be natural but dramatic enough for an evening event.

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